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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Let it be Christmas all year long

Have you ever noticed how nice everyone seems to be during the holiday Season? The spirit of Christmas really seems to bring out the best in most people! I guess it's all the bright lights, and all the decorations, a time to reach out to others, and a giving time! All of those things are wonderful, but wouldn't it be more wonderful to have those things all year long? I'm not necessarily   talking about the lights and the tree. I'm more concerned about keeping the spirit of Christmas alive all year long, by loving our neighbor, giving & helping the needy, (if we are able to do so) caring, & sharing and being nice & polite to everyone we come in contact with! People are watching our lives, so as Christians we need to present Christianity at all times! That is my one true desire for the new year ahead, is to be more Christ like, and to be a blessing  to everyone I come in contact with!  And to win souls to Christ. If even one person can find Christ through one of my blogs, then one of my main missions in life will have been fulfilled! God loves each and everyone of us, after all, he laid down his life for us. .My Husband and I often talk amongst ourselves, if only people could see the love of God! Many times all people hear about is the wrath, wrath, wrath! But God isn't sitting on the throne waiting to knock you in the head, so to speak, every time you do something wrong! Ask him to forgive you, and go on.  .God does expect us to live above sin, to what light he sheds on our paths.  The Bible is a good place to start! It is the blueprint to living a Christian life. Things we don't understand, we pray and ask God to shed light on. We don't ever need to get caught up in traditions. God will let you know in a still, small voice, if you are doing something displeasing to him. My wish for each and everyone in the coming new year, is peace, health & happiness, and may this be the year that you decide to make Jesus Lord of your life, if you haven't done so already! Until next time, God bless ya'll!  "HAPPY NEW YEAR!'

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  1. Happy New Year to you, too! Yes, if only we would all keep the spirit of Christmas alive the other 364 days of the year. What a happy world this would be! Thank you for the wonderful words. Love you!