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There is help for your hurting heart.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bear ye one anothers burdens.........

Hello, again, Everyone! I had stated in a previous blog that I was facing a thyroid biopsy.
 Well, it took place on Feb.4th.
 Got my results back on the following Friday!
 PRAISE GOD, PRAISE GOD, PRAISE GOD, it was not cancerous!
When I received the phone call, stating the good news,
I felt like I had a thousand pound  weight lifted off my shoulder!
God is so good and faithful to answer prayer.
I can't thank him enough, and appreciate everyone who held me up in prayer.
All day long that day, I kept thinking how easily the shoe could of been on the other foot.
 As I pondered all day long on GODS GOODNESS, 
I said a prayer for the ones that may not have gotten a good report. 
 How easy it is to forget others who are not as fortunate as we are.
I have been through a lot of rough times in my life,
 which as I stated earlier, that I will touch down on , as God leads.
Through it all, I can honestly say I was humbled,
and have always tried to exemplify compassion towards others.
 We should never go by a funeral home,
without saying a prayer for the dear ones that are suffering a loss.
When we pass by an accident on the road, say a prayer for the ones that got hurt,
or the ones left behind that their loved ones were killed.
 Say a prayer for the homeless people on the streets,
that are hoping and praying for a better way of life.
 Say a prayer for all the lonely elderly people that may be just waiting for a smile
 or kind word from someone.
 Say a prayer for the unborn child, who is hanging by a thread, facing on a mothers decision,
 to have the precious child to hold and cuddle.
Please help them choose life for that PRECIOUS CHILD, who is the innocent victim.
 Say a prayer for the ones who are tempted to try drugs for the first time.
Pray for them to understand the first "hit" of heroin or cocaine, may be their last.
 Pray for the depressed people, and everyone who feel as though life is too hopeless to go on.
Lead them to Christ. Yes, folks. This is just a little of the compassion I speak about.
Lord, help us to never turn a deaf ear, or a blind eye to those who are crying out for help.
 Lord, help us be there for one another, and pray for one another, and bear each others burdens.
 I think a lot about the compassion of God.
 How he gave his only son for us, so we may have eternal life.
I want to be more Christ like, and have compassion for everyone I come in contact with.
 Until next time, God bless everyone.