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Friday, January 17, 2014

God, Are you there?

Hello, Everyone! It's been awhile since  I have written on my blog! Please forgive me.
 I want to touch down tonight' to all of you who may be going through difficult times.
 It may be depression, a physical ailment, financial problems, loss of a loved one, bankruptcy,  addictions, feelings of despair, ( I could go on and on) but the point of the matter is, how many of you have had those moments, where you just look up towards the sky, and asked "God, where are you"?  I'm battling one of these moments myself.
Facing a possible biopsy on my thyroid in Feb. I have never been the type of person, to question God. But from the time I found out I had the nodules on my thyroid, back in Sept, I have been asking this nagging Question in the back of my mind, "God, are you there?
 Of course, I have plenty of time, until my appt. in Feb. to ponder this question over and over in my mind. Is it fear of the unknown? 
 Why is it, it seemed so much easier to trust God, and not fear back in biblical days?
 My sister, Cheryl & I have often talked about this.
 Take the woman with the issue of blood.
 Jesus was in the midst of the crowd, and she knew she had to press through the crowd, to touch the hem of his garment!
  Can you imagine to have lived back then, and being physically able to walk up to the dear one,
who died for us, and suffered stripes on his back , for our healing?
 Let me assure you, folks. That same Jesus is still the same today! 
 I am talking to myself, along with you all.
 What makes us so full of doubt?
 I have been asking myself, this question. Yes, true.
God is now a spirit, but that doesn't mean he is not the same God that healed, and performed miracles, back in bible days.
 I have witnessed miracles many times. I never will forget, when I was a child, I had two big boils in the corners of each one of my eyes.
My parents did not believe in doctors, back then. I -had that child like faith, and was anointed & prayed for, and God healed them, never to return again!
 Yes, I can't say it wouldn't be easier to have God here in the flesh. But, praise God, he is on the throne, looking down on us, and he sees what we go through.
 That is why he is able to relate to what obstacles we face in our everyday life.
 He once walked on this earth, and knows what  we go through as human beings.
Heb. 2:18 says, For in that he himself hath suffered being tempted, he is able to succor them that are tempted! When we are tempted to doubt, and have a lack of faith, we need to remember this verse.  No, matter what we go through, God is still able to do exceeding and abundantly above, all that we ask or think according to the power that worketh in us!
 Cling tightly, to that nail scarred hand, (even though we can't physically see it, we know it's there)during troubled times.
 All those that know the worth of prayer, please pray for me.
 I want to be free of fear and doubt!
Thank God He made a way for our escape.
 Remember, my friend, there's not a problem on earth that our almighty God can't solve.
So, now by faith, look towards the heavens, and declare,
"God, I know you're there, and you will see me through!
 Until next, time, God bless Ya'll. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thanking God For Holiday blessings

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Trust everyone had a wonderful holiday season. I just want to take this blog, to thank God for the nice peaceful Christmas he blest us with. Cheryl, Kevin & Zach came to our house for Christmas this year. It was such a nice, peaceful day! We had a lot of good finger foods, this year! We have done that now, for the past couple years. We enjoy that, as we always have such a big Thanksgiving feast, the finger foods are kind of a nice break from the norm! As we stood around our dining room table, hands linked in prayer, thanking & praising God for His goodness, and all his blessings throughout the year, my mind wandered to people that are less fortunate then we are, and I sent up a special prayer in their behalf. My mind also wandered away back to a former time , two Christmas's ago, when my Dear Mother was in that prayer circle with us, and she was at my house for Christmas. Yes, we definitely had a missing link in that prayer chain. Oh, how, the memories and grief flooded my soul, and shook me right down to the very core of my being. Not wanting to put a damper on our joyous time together, I never said a word. But Cheryl , and pretty much everybody
else knew what I was thinking, when the prayer ended, and tears of grief were pouring down my face.
Any of you that have lost loved ones, know how this time of year, can bring back floods of memories. But I am so thankful we have a heavenly Father to call on who helps us through these times! Praise God. The day turned out very nice, and we were so thankful to be with our loved ones! Missed all the ones we couldn't be with, too. Zach also wanted to have his 13th birthday at his Aunt  Debbie's house on the same day, too! That made us feel pretty good. His birthday is Dec. 26th. New years eve. was real special, too, as we went to L.D.'s daughters house. She cooked a wonderful dinner for us. She and her husband, and his Dad couldn't have made us any more welcome..And those adorable  grands, who are 13 & 6 always bring a smile to our faces. I thank God to see another new year, and for all his many, many blessings. My Christian home , along with my Husband, L.D. & Son, Mark mean more to me everyday! I always get a little sad to see the holidays go. I know it bothers a lot of people, in this way, but Lord willing, we can look forward to it, again.My resolutions for this year, are to be more like Christ, to stop and smell the roses along the way, and to be a blessing and help to everyone I cross paths with. Things on this earth don't last forever, and all good things must come to an end. The holidays are no different, they come, and they go. But one thing that remains the same, is God's unchanging hand .Let us hold firm to that nail scared hand, and embrace the new year with joy in our hearts, and with a spring in our step! Until next time, God bless ya'll!